Whatever plan you have in mind, we are ready to deliver it within the best of our abilities. Our past work includes a variety of projects from Hospitals, Villas, Apartments, High-rise buildings to Schools. Hence you can trust our name when it comes to flexibility and efficiency. We are known for taking calculated risks and we prefer to follow prolific guides as that reduces any margin of error.



We are a team comprising of experienced old performers as well as young creative designers. We provide you with an understanding of the project, resourcefulness in procurement, satisfaction, success and accomplishment in delivery.

Smart Construction Solutions

Rv Constructions is a renowned performer in the field of safety and sustainability. There is Integration of efficient manufacturing processes with successful techniques of implementation for our client’s projects. We are actively redefining process methods using our unique QAFE method.

Q – Question the customer as to get all the details he/she wants included in the project.

A – Analyze the information and comply to the needs.

F – Fundamentals are primary.

E – Execute with direct approach and transparency.

Through a commitment to continuous improvement, we are seeking to eliminate waste, drive up the quality and maximize value for our clients through their involvement and our transparency. QAFE requires true collaboration, and commitment from all parties to work as one dynamic team. Our teams are able to balance the various socio-economic factors as well as the environmental ones, in order to deliver cost effective, strong and magnificent structures.


Give us one finger and we will show you that you have a hand
–Integration of the environment and taking into account the human development of the whole–


Rather than fixing a problem in the structure after it has been built; we focus on prototypes (cardboard models) as this greatly reduces any margin of error.

One of the primary reasons for change orders’ in the construction phase occurs when design plans don’t mesh with the realities that contractors encounter in the field. We overcome this problem by being more REALISTIC than HYPOTHETICAL. We directly tell you what is possible and what is not. Construction-driven engineering is a proactive approach that leads to the simplest, most cost-effective solutions for even the most complex projects, reducing the risks of schedule delays and design-driven cost overruns that adversely affect delivery.

Our construction-driven engineering mindset helps position us as an engineer-procure-construct (EPC) and design-build partner of choice in any market.

Choose the Type of Project you want, pick out our various solutions, and do contact us for more help.

We believe that the design is at the heart of every project. Whether it’s a house or hospital, a college or classroom, our design teams have been successfully delivering complex projects for over 10 years and are constantly innovating themselves to stay at the forefront of the built environment in the market.

RV group’s sustainability work is based on our vision – to renew our industry and provide superior sustainable solutions. By working together with customers and suppliers, and through active engagement in society, we contribute to a sustainable future.

In the Rv group’s culture; working environment and safety consciousness are always our primary concern. We work systematically to eliminate the number of accidents, in order to achieve our zero-loss vision. Since 2016, workplace accidents have decreased by 50%. To achieve a better work environment, it all starts with the values instilled in our administration and management department. The RV group values give us guidance, to get through in both difficult and everyday decisions.

The design and interiors were worth the wait and we were more than happy with their fulfillment procedures.

Dakricsh Innovative Solutions

There is no need to come check up on us once they had handed over the project, but they are resilient in confirming that their hard work has not gone to waste. They offers us more than their time and provide us with a “on the call” assistance over any matter that comes before us.

Xtra Technologies

We offer assistance to our clients in the following services:

  • Pre-construction services
  • Civil engineering works
  • Interior designing
  • Cost planning
  • Digital modelling
  • Program management services
  • Supply Chain procurement and management
  • Safety management
  • Site remediation and enabling works
  • Integrated construction delivery
  • Building technologies
  • Logistics management
  • Industrial relations management
  • Quality Assurance testing
  • Building renovation and re-purposing
  • Building removal