RV Constructions combines the legacy of two great design practices (Space and unity) into an even stronger, more distinct voice that is characterized by the strength of our ideas, the spirit of our culture and the passion of our people to make the world a better place. People are at the center of what we do. Focusing on our relationships, with clients and teams, helps us make the big seem small, more personal, and keeps us moving in the right direction. Our process centers on creativity, as well as amalgamating ideas and talents across various sectors to deliver quality at all levels and in all places.



A design process that integrates affordability with luxury.


Creating an environment where the client symbolizes herself/himself with the very structure is what we center around as a goal. Our Interior designers have a deep insight when it comes to a blend of colors, textures, and the modern association with age old heritage; all to create something bespoke and refined. Always special, making a statement, and truly unique.

They worked within the stipulated time frame and achieved great results.

Fazir Ahmed

Harmony In Design

Space, form and structure being integral in a design process; we uphold unique design methods which stand out. Taking the best out of Scandinavian and bohemian methodologies, we create internationally acknowledged structures. The inherent ambiance of a certain area is incorporated as one does not want to just add new elements and forsake its natural beauty and grace. What is a garden without its plants?

Suited for a king

We include comfort and luxury in most of our projects as we believe that, with enough research and development, even a stone can be made to look like a gem. It is often re-discovered that true beauty comes with simplicity and a little outward transformation is always needed.

We had our office renovated and the people of the Rv group have changed the complete aura of the place. it looks much bigger than before.


I still spend 10-15 mins everyday just staring at my walls and the interiors if the rooms. How the people at the RV group have made it look like this? even i cannot figure that out.


Taking all the necessary variables into account, we do not leave a single stone hanging. Our portfolio presents you with a glimpse of what we have achieved till date.

What we offer:

  • Design of interiors and common spaces for multi-family, and high rise developments
  • Design of luxury interiors encompassing private residences and commercial properties
  • Commercial interiors including hotel, hospital, showroom, and restaurant design
  • Interior Detailing, including in-depth millwork and built-in design
  • Space planning, room layouts, and creative redlining
  • Project management
  • FF&E design, sourcing, and procurement
  • Material specifications
  • Painting and wood work of custom ideas