Having a common goal of beauty and serenity, our team members help the client with a variety of landscaping ideas. Adding further, Few members of the RV group have more than 10 years of experience when it comes to transforming a barren piece of land into something beautiful; achieving success in places like Dubai and Bangalore.



Our Expertise :

  • Practical, yet creative, landscape designs
  • Professional landscape consultations
  • Innovative drainage system implementation
  • Creative pavements and stone patios, walks and driveways
  • Solar panel installation
  • Bio-gas plants with valves to replace traditional gas
  • Rainwater harvesting systems 
  • Structural or cosmetic walls in wood, stone, segmental block, or brick structure
  • Distinctive water features – streams, waterfalls, ponds, and fountains
  • Water-saving irrigation systems, drip irrigation, and irrigation repair
  • Custom pergolas, decks, and arbors crafted in metal or wood
  • Finished grading, seed bed preparation, planting and sodding
  • Artistic low-voltage landscape lighting


Make your property look like a paradise

Structures That Stand Out

Bridges, miniature waterfalls, bird houses, ponds and much more. We make sure your vicinity is well lit by greenery. We encourage growing a certain variety of flowers that attract butterflies.

Beauty At Its Best

Why be around depressing buildings all the time when you can be around nature that is always alive.

We thought having a small stream run inside the house was an idea that nobody can achieve but we were proved wrong by the RV group. Highly recommended.


We did not want to cut the tree that had centered the property for our office so RV builders made a structure around the tree.  Its great fun to work in a space with a tree, literally right next to you.


We build and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces for commercial and residential properties. We also retain the solidarity between community members as well as the owners of the property.